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About Shark Fishing

Shark Fishing Charters:

People ask why I love shark fishing so much.  It's the same for all the trips I do.  It's great waking up early in the morning when it is calm and the smell of salt is in the air.  As I step outside and and feel the cool air on my skin, and think how lucky I am to be on the water today. The engines start and you can feel the rumble throughout the boat and at that point I know we are going to have a good day. The party climbs aboard and we go over the safety briefing. I call to the mate to let the lines go and we set off for the fishing grounds.

As the gap is cleared the boat is brought up to speed.  We cruise to the East Grounds and troll wire to catch some fresh Bluefish.  The rods double over and load up with some great shark bait, after catching enough bluefish we're back on our way to the sharking grounds.

When we arrive on the fishing grounds the mate puts out the chum bucket and starts preparing the lines. The first line goes out and the wait begins. A few chunks here, a few chunks there, when all of a sudden far off in the distance a fin appears, slowly coming down the slick.  Its a shark, slowly making its way to the boat.  Get the rods ready.  Who's up first? The fin gets closer it's a good size one. The adrenalin starts to rise. All of a sudden the corner reel starts to scream! FISH ON!! Give him a little slack. Then the second reel starts to scream. FISH ON !! We're doubled up. Never saw the second shark. This one takes to the air. Its a Mako!! The fish tail walks for a couple yards peeling line off. The first shark is pulled to the boat and released. Both Captain and mate are working in the cockpit. Hoot and hollers are all around. The Mako is brought boat side. First the harpoon goes in the Shark.  The fish gets mad and rolls, trying to free itself. Water splashing all over the place, there's not a dry spot in the cockpit.  The fish splashes and splashes then the flying gaff goes into the shark. The fish is starting to calm down. The mate hurries to put a tail rope on this shark and ties it to the cleat. The fish rolls and splashes, he is subdued. High fives all over the cockpit, pats on the back, more hoots and hollers. We won the battle. The shark is at the boat.

Now I start the engines and head for the dock.  It's the days like this that I live for.


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